We aim at being a “Needful Company”
providing integrated consulting and
high-quality service based on distribution
and our diversified business.

Today, when globalization is advancing more rapidly than ever before in
every field, for the distributive trade industry the construction of
innovative logistic systems is highly anticipated in order to generate new
values into industrial enterprises.
Morizane Logistics. has developed a broad business base,
centering on intermodal transportation, and established a firm ground for
its integrated distribution enterprise.

We are not simply transporting commodities but also developing and
proposing a new, up-to-date distribution system, considering the flow of
things from a global point of view.
In addition to tackling the expansion of our distribution business, we are
optimistically promoting widely diversified businesses that survey and
adapt to the needs of the age.

Moreover, we are working to a large extent on consultation as a
propositional business scheme, with each of our businesses enhancing our
strengths as a group enterprise, utilizing our accumulated know-how and
technology as the collective strength of Morizane Logistics.
We are fully achieving “Satisfaction” by the following management principle:

safety reliability swiftness

Then,we will strive to create new services,aiming at being a “Needful Company” for society.

Company overview

Name Morizane Logistics, Ltd.
Representative President Kimihide Morizane
The capital 30 million yen
Address 2-13 Sobiraki, Niihama, Ehime, Japan, 792-8505
Number of employees 664 persons
Business activities Sea shipping, Harbor transport, Land shipping,Warehousing,
Customs clearance,Ocean vessel agency, Air cargo agency,
Importing & exporting agency
Licensed businesses Domestic vessel transportation,Handling of domestic vessel transportation
Harbors transportation   No.3, Class 1
Harbors loading (inboard)  No.3, Class 2
(coastal)           No.3, Class 4
Barge transportation    No.4, Class 3
General lorry transportation
Freight light car transportation handling
Air cargo transportation handling
Rigger and earthwork business
Equipment installation construction
Customs clearance
Vessel leasing
Non-industrial & industrial waste disposal
Green Management
Green Management

Green management means “management which considers the environment.
” Further, it means to work pro-actively on environmental problems as part of the social responsibility of an enterprise simultaneous to the pursuit of profits.
Morizane Transportation Company has acquired the authentication of “Green Management” awarded by the Traffic Ecology Mobility Foundation, in order for each division of our enterprise to advance and promote environmental conservation activities independently.

G-mark System (Safety Assessment Project for lorry transportation)

Our company has received the recognition of “Excellent Safety Standards.”
The G-mark is awarded to offices by the Japan Trucking Association which recognizes safe trucking enterprises after severe evaluation to provide customers with the capability to make informed selection among shipping businesses.The G-mark is a certificate of safety, security, and trust given only to offices with an excellent safety record.

Business prospectus

We, Morizane Logistics. have established an intermodal transportation system.
We are facilitating the happy encounter between persons and things, which come and go without borders across time and space.

  • Land


    In the land division, we have not only implemented efficient transportationnationwide, but also undertaken all transfer construction related to transportation.
    Moreover, we handle the factory work of maintenance, management, and premises distribution, and the like comprehensively to enable manufacturers to advance their work smoothly. With a spirit of equal partnership, we strive to provide both service and proposals in the same line of vision as our customers’.

  • Sea


    In our sea division, we have enhanced not only the liner route business, our main enterprise, but also harbor business such as inboard and coastal loading in addition to the navigation of sea vessels, and our seavessel agency.
    Our company undertakes most of the harbor work of Niihama Port and performs inboard work and coastal work on a 24-hour basis.

  • Air


    We are also perfecting businesses which raise the additional value of distribution such as the introduction of the latest online systems that enhance customs clearance work. Such businesses include our air division based at Matsuyama Airport, where our elaborate transportation system makes possible the speedy collection and delivery of domestic or international freight.


The Morizane Group has become the power for supporting Morizane Logistics – a comprehensive distribution enterprise. In each field of distribution, construction, circulation, and service, our specialists who have technological and professional expertise exert maximum efforts in the land, sea, and air stages. We believe that this is the road necessary for the future of our comprehensive distribution enterprise to be able to answer all needs promptly, adequately and flexibly.

  • Headquarters
    2-3 Sobiraki, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-8505
    Phone: +81 897-37-0111 Fax: +81 897-32-3322
    TELEX: 51-94076875
    <Management Department>

    Phone: +81 897-32-6111

    Administration and Purchasing Phone: +81 897-32-6111
    Accounting Phone: +81 897-32-6112
    Personnel and Budgeting Phone: +81 897-32-6113
    Work and Welfare Phone: +81 897-32-6114
    <Sales Development Department>
    Sales Phone: +81 897-32-6118
    Marine Phone: +81 897-46-4100
    <Marine Business Department>
    Vessel operating Section Phone: +81 897-32-6118
    Agency Section Phone:+81 897-32-6119
    Port operating Section Phone: +81 897-32-6120
    Liner Business Section Phone: +81 897-32-6121
    International Logistics Section Phone: +81 897-32-6116
    <Logistic Department>
    Matsuyama Office
    1682-4 Minamiyoshida, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan 791-8042
    Phone: +81 89-974-0022 Fax: +81 89-974-0054
    Osaka Office
    Kayama Bldg,4-15-14 Benten, Minato, Osaka, Japan 552-0007
    Phone:+81 6-6571-0193 Fax:+81 6-6674-5045
    Saijo Branch
    Kitagawa Sales Office
    c/o Saijo Hososho, Sumitomo Osaka Cement Company
    848-1 Kitagawa, Saijo, Ehime, Japan 793-0042
    Phone: +81 897-55-4371 Fax: +81 897-53-4085
    Yonden Sales Office
    c/o Saijo Power Station, Shikoku Electric Power Company
    853 Kitagawa, Saijo, Ehime, Japan 793-0042
    Phone: +81 897-56-9622  Fax: +81 897-55-0967
    Toyo Sales Office
    c/o Hanshin Area(Toyo),Setouchi Works, Nippon Steel Corporation
    962-14 Hojo, Saijo, Ehime, Japan 799-1354
    Phone: +81 898-76-1235 Fax: +81 898-76-1236
    Nagoya Branch
    Nagoya Sales Office
    112 Hirakawa Murakuno, Konan, Aichi, Japan 483-8075
    Phone: +81 587-53-4650 Fax: +81 587-54-9544
    Konan Sales Office
    112 Hirakawa Murakuno, Konan, Aichi, Japan 483-8075
    Phone: +81 587-55-5836 Fax: +81 587-56-1471
    <Restaurant Loca>
    13-324 Habu, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0872
    Phone: +81 897-45-4501 Fax: +81 897-45-4503
    Toll-free: 0120-344501
  • Genmubu Department
    The First Section
    c/o Sumitomo Chemical Ehime Plant, 5-1 Sobiraki, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0001
    Phone: +81 897-33-7526 Fax: +81 897-32-2151
    The Second Section
    1-1 Ooe Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0015
    Phone: +81 897-34-2288 Fax: +81 897-32-4467
    The Third Section
    c/o Sumitomo Chemical Ehime Plant,
    1-10-1 Kikumoto, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0801
    Phone: +81 897-32-9190 Fax: +81 897-34-3442
    The Third Section:Takihama Warehouse
    6-7-23 Takihama, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0893
    Phone: +81 897-46-1877 Fax: +81 897-46-0567
    Business Administration Department
    Business Administration Section
    7-1 Isoura, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0002
    Phone: +81 897-37-3620 Fax: +81 897-37-3077
    Nankou Center
    c/o Osaka Nankou Office Hirabayashi Warehouse,Tabuchi Warehouse
    2-6-15 Hirabayashi kita, Suminoe, Osaka, Japan 559-0026
    Phone:+81 6-6569-9001 Fax:+81 06-6569-9002
    Hiuchi Sales Office
    3-46 Hiuchi, Saijo, Ehime, Japan 793-0003
    Phone: +81 897-56-2544 Fax: +81 897-56-4990
    Mie Branch
    1285-1 Seki Ege, Kameyama, Mie, Japan 519-1106
    Phone: +81 595-96-1851 Fax: +81 595-96-0196
    Tokyo Sales Office
    #401 1-1-5 Oomori Kita, Ota, Tokyo, Japan 143-0016
    Phone: +81 3-5493-2091 Fax: +81 3-5493-2090
    Minami Osaka Sales Office
    2-8-6 Chikko Shinmachi, Nishi, Sakai, Osaka, Japan 592-8331
    Phone: +81 72-280-1231 Fax: +81 72-280-1400
    Kita-kyushu Sale Office
    4F Baba Bldg., 2-1-24 Yanagi, Moji, Kita-kyushu, Fukuoka, Japan 800-0025
    Phone: +81 93-381-8380 Fax: +81 93-381-8355
Group Companies
  • Niihama Shell Oil Co.,Ltd.
    2-10-18 Nakasuka, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0012
    Phone: +81 897-33-7131 Fax: +81 897-34-6079
    Niihama Jidosha Kogyosha, LLC
    1-4-3 Nakasuka, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0012
    Phone: +81 897-37-3464 Fax: +81 897-32-9248
    Morizane Shoji Co., Ltd.
    1-4-9 Nakasuka, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0012
    Phone: +81 897-37-2040 Fax: +81 897-33-2364
    Morizane Express Co., Ltd.
    7-2 Isoura, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0002
    Phone: +81 897-37-3350 Fax: +81 897-35-2519
    【Sakaide Sales Office】
    2-2-5 Nishi Ohama Kita, Sakaide, Kagawa , Japan 762-0053
    Phone: +81 877-44-1291  Fax: +81 877-44-1293
    Frontier Service Shikoku Co., Ltd.
    1-6-31 Shinden, Niihama, Ehime, Japan 792-0003
    Phone: +81 897-32-5885 Fax: +81 897-33-6646
  • Morizane Town Service Co., Ltd.
    1-2 Sobiraki, Niihama, Ehime , Japan 792-0001
    Phone: +81 897-32-2221 Fax: +81 897-35-3123
    【Morizane Hikkoshi(moving) Service】
    1-2 Sobiraki, Niihama, Ehime , Japan 792-0001 
    Phone: +81 897-37-2600 Fax: +81 897-35-3123
    【Shikokuchuo Sales Office】
    4793 Sangawacho, Shikokuchuo, Ehime , Japan 799-0431
    Phone: +81 896-22-3358 Fax: +81 896-22-3370
    【Imabari Sales Office】
    555 Otsu Agata, Imabari, Ehime , Japan 794-0081
    Phone: +81 898-31-2291 Fax: +81 898-23-0184
    【Matsuyama Sales Office】
    2166 Nishihabumachi, Matsuyama, Ehime , Japan 791-8044
    Phone: +81 89-973-8820 Fax: +81 89-972-3941
    Shikoku Tekunika Co., Ltd.
    1-6-46 Shinden, Niihama, Ehime , Japan 792-0003
    Phone: +81 897-37-1800 Fax: +81 897-33-6335
    【Matsuyama Office】
    2F Iseki Bldg., 2-7-l Minamimachi, Matsuyama, Ehime,
    Japan 790-0856
    Phone: +81 89-915-0730 Fax: +81 89-915-0740
    TPS Aviation Japan Co., Ltd.
    151-1, Chojage Higashi, Oiri-cho, Konan, Aichi Pref. 483-8408 JAPAN Phone: +81 587-55-6212 Fax: +81 587-55-6408